So I decided to wear shorts that day since its not that cold out and of course a leg warmer just to cover a little bit more of skin. If you dont know me yet, I hardly wear long pants for the reson that I feel uncomfortable wearing them. So if I can I’d wear shorts or skirts instead. I would only wear pants if its necessary or when I’m too cold.

We actually planned to go to my grandma’s house to hang out since we havent been there for a while and since I didnt have anything to do before that, I decided to go on a bike ride. After couple minutes I started feeling warm so I had to put my flip flops on.Just trying to fix my leg warmer. I actually bought this leg warmer for avery very cheap price. 99cents for a pair! wallah! I love good deals. I bought two pairs since its that cheap.

Brown and aquablue. Something bold and neutral! I already tried putting them together and it looks good even this 5years old girl said it! I might wear it next time and if I do I’ll put up a picture of it! =)Guess what? This is where I found them.. =) the famous 99cents store. Where everything is 99cents of course…..till next time….