So like I’ve said I’ve been experimenting on colors lately. I used to like neutral colors only but lately I’ve been inspired to look for some colors. Different colors make me happy. Neutrals are kind of depressing especially when its gloomy outside. I might be weird or normal but the weather affects my mood. I don’t know bout you but  I’ve heard that from other people too. Contrary to my cousin kristine, she loves it when its gloomy out for the reason that she doesn’t even know why. Anyway this is one of my looks on . An outfit I wore a week before Christmas.

TOP:  Kiwi,  given to me by my aunt… I soooo love this tube top its very comfortable. 

SHOES:  Wedge by Charlotte Russe.. I actually bought two of this style but different color.  It’ll be on my next look sometime soon. This wedge is so so comfortable I can wear them all day.It was on Christmas sale buy 1 and the next shoes for $10. What an awesome sale.

SKIRT: Abbey by Avril lavigne, bought it from a shop at the mall called COUTURE. They have a lot of  nice clothes. Super in. I love it!

A picture taken at church with my Aunties and my Ninang Janet… Wearing my outfit…

Don’t forget to check my looks on . Till next time.. Ciao