dress:  H&M

shoes: charlotte russe

purse: forever21

Yes my haircut cost more than my haircut. Why coz everything was on sale and that’s what I’m into.  Fashion doesn’t need to be expensive to look like one =)

So your wondering how did that happen?? I bought this dress for only $10 on clearance at H&M. I must say its a very very good deal.

And that cute purse for only a dollar. Yup only a dollar at one of the local swap meet. And its forever21 with the tag still on it. It means it wasnt used at all. =) I just love swap meets. Its like going on a treasure hunt. You will never know what you will find..

And then my shoes for $10 for the second pair cause it was on the deal buy 1 and get one for $10 for the next pair. I used the first pair which was the nude color on  my previous blog. 

anyway it cost me only $26 to pull out this outfit cost me less than my new haircut. *wink… Anyway I wore this at my new friends wedding. It was a fun night.

till next time.