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My husband and I decided to go for a four wheeling at little Morongo canyon trail and found this hiking trail in Morongo valley. Its a cool spot for hiking!


it kinda scared me when i saw this signs though… haha



We did not go very far because I was creeped out. We were not ready for a hike anyway.But we went and check it out.

You can tell I’m just wearing my comfortable shoes and not really ready for a hike.


So after 2 days we decide to go back and do a little hike… We found out that there’s a lot of hiking trail up there.


The longest trail was 9 miles loop. we started up around 5 o’clock while sun was still up and shining. Here are some more pictures just to show you how it looks like. Its actually better than where we used to hike coz theres trees and bushes. =)


My hubby and my aunts hubby. This guys made me walk fast.. hey Im way shorter than you guys haha.







and they have this.. what do you think?




and as you’ve seen theres bench on some spots.. which i think is pretty cool! anyway this is my blog about hiking.. more to come! i really enjoy the view of nature.. oh 1 more thing this picture reminds me of a horror movie haha.














” the story of cosmetics..

just want to share… see what you think?


I was cleaning my room when I started doing a quick video on “headache”… what do you do when you have a headache?


  The World According to Monsanto 

clip_image001Directed by Marie-Monique Robin
Review by Jeffrey M. Smith

How much outrage can a single multinational corporation inspire? How much damage can they inflict? The breathtaking new film, The World According to Monsanto, features a company that sets the new standard. From Iowa to Paraguay, from England to India, Monsanto is uprooting our food supply and replacing it with their patented genetically engineered creations. And along the way, farmers, communities, and nature become collateral damage.

The Gazette says the movie “will freeze the blood in your veins.” The Hour says it’s a “horrifying enough picture” to warrant “fury.” But most importantly, this critical film opens our eyes just in time.

The film is the work of celebrated award-winning French filmmaker Marie-Monique Robin, whose three years of work on four continents exposes why Monsanto has become the world’s poster child for malignant corporate influence…

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Most often than not when we get sick we look around us and try to blame people they are the reason why we’re sick. Either your spouse, girlfriend/boyfriend, family or a stranger that was sitting next to you on the bus. We tend to look back and think who was sick before we did so we can blame them.“oh yeah i know where I got it from, my cousin had a cough and I spend the night at her house- that’s it!. ughhh.”   Sounds familiar right??.  I just can’t get enough of that same reason over and over again.  Why do we do that? Can’t we blame ourselves sometimes? Or maybe even every time?? If  I come to think of it. – I am the reason that I’m sick and not because my cousin was sick or my family was sick. If I did the right thing for my body, my immune system would be  strong then I wouldn’t get sick or less to say I would get sick but not as long. If you’ve heard it before, getting sick doesn’t necessarily mean you have to panic or get medicine right away. Getting the signs/symptoms is our best-friend. Its our own body’s way of warning us not to to the same thing were doing or else it’ll get  worst. It’s common sense I think. Whenever we start sneezing or coughing, headache, pain here and there – we start to go buy orange juice or buy/make something healthier than what we usually eat or drink? Why? Because even if we don’t admit it, we know we’ve been taking our body for granted so we want to change ways before it gets worst.

When we get sick we don’t want to go buy soda/coffee or maybe candies and chocolates or even fast food right? We tend to go back to  our kitchen and eat better food or hope that our parents are there to cook for us – that warm soup? oh yes…. Now you start thinking I’m right.

But then again after feeling better for a few days we tend to go back the same ways – no lesson learned. When we get sick again, we blame people go back to eating healthier and get better. Its a cycle. We keep doing the same thing over and over and blaming others why we’re sick. What if tell you that you’re the reason that I’m sick? You’d feel sorry wouldn’t you?.. My point is – I don’t blame anybody if I get sick. I blame myself  because I’m the one that takes care of myself not YOU!

Am I sick right now? Nope and I haven’t been sick for a while.. Thank God. =) I just see people around me getting sick and i’m sick and tired of it – including my family. =( Wish I could help you more. Breaks my heart… </3

When someone says caffeine. What comes to your mind?. COFFEE?.. But its not only that. The big three’s are


Lets call them the 3C`s

Breakfast just sound so good with coffee especially in a cold morning. Or lets say anytime of the day since coffee doesn’t need to be hot all the time — ding ding ding! Sounds familiar huh? Iced coffee… You must be thinking about it right now. A different picture of coffee – way different from my blog. I admit I’ve been there and yes its sooo good. Its  a common mistake that people doesn’t want to think about  – “THE EFFECTS OF EVERYTHING YOU INTAKE.” We just try to brush it off or simply find something good about it though it outweighs the bad. CAFFEINE is one of them. Oh yes from coffee to chocolate yes they are sooo good but yet soo bad…

So I was reading this book by Earl Mindell’s and I just wanna share the advantages and disadvantages of caffeine.



Since it directly affects the central nervous system, yes it does makes our thoughts clearer and lessens fatigue.

It also stimulates the release of stored sugar from the liver which accounts for the “lift.”. Yess you know that feeling.  When your eyes starts to open from going to sleep and that feeling – that floating feeling. I know you exactly know what I mean.


Since it releases stored sugar, this places heavy stress on the endocrine system.

Heavy drinkers often develop nervousness or become jittery.

Oncologist has found that excessive intake of methylxanthines (active chemical in caffeine) can cause benign breast disease and prostate problems.

Culprit in hypertensive heart disease. -drinking 5 cups of coffee daily  have a 50% greater chance of having heart attacks.

Strong relationship between coffee consumption and cancer of the bladder an the urinary tract.

Interferes with DNA replication.

For pregnant women – causes  birth defects.

Destroy the body’s thiamine.

And caffeine is just not coffee. Its a powerful drug. That’s right! Its a drug.  Chances are you’re just not enjoying your daily dose of caffeine but your addicted to them. And yes its hard to admit that your addicted to something when you know its truly bad for you.

If you know any advantages lets hear it. =)

I wont be talking much about my outfit today since my pictures already says it all. I wanted to share to you a very special documentay I’ve just watched. It’s just so overwhelming that I wanted readers to know about it.

Some people would consider it “BORING” but if you know somebody you care about that is struggling with their health you would devote at least 30minutes to watch it and if it doesnt make any sense then you can stop but I guarantee it, youd be overwhelmed with this eyeopener documentary about health.

So the documentary is titled “DYING TO HAVE KNOWN.” It’s a must watched movie.  Linked is on youtube which is FREE. So no cost for you, you  just need time. But if you have netflix then certainly I would advice for you to watch it there for better streaming.

Anyway the documentary is all about finding the cure for cancer and any other chronic degenerative diseases.

Watch it and tell me what you think.


That is just sad. But if we know better then we can stop it.

Any questions on my outfit feel free to ask. =)