You might think how? Don’t get me wrong but most people usually think of what they’re going to receive or where they’ll go and spend valentines day. It makes me think of MONEY MONEY MONEY. I thought maybe whoever started valentines day just wants us to spend our money.. haha.. Is that right? Cause there’s so much stuff we can do on valentines like buying chocolates, roses, stuff animal, cards, taking the day off work, cellphone, ipad  even to the point of maybe buying a new car. ?!I know what your thinking. Yes its sweet I know I enjoy it too but what can be a better way to spend valentines than helping others  while enjoying the day with your other half.Its been three years since this group of young people started this “VALENTINES BANQUET” as a fund raising for this young people for the upcoming international pathfinder camporee that only happens every five years. An event where thousands, yes thousands of pathfinders from all over the world gathers. And the next event would be in 2014.  Looking forward to that year. If you haven’t heard of it feel free to visit this site for more information.

So its like dinning out but yet better. They set up games and entertainment which is really cool! Where else would you find that? Fancy restaurant just makes you pay more minus the games and the entertainment. So pick which one would you rather go?

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This young people entertained us with music and games like the chopstick challenge and many more.

It was such a fun night.Its worth what we paid for helping them reach their goal is the best feeling *wink

2 more years then they’ll have hopefully enough money to use for their trip to Wisconsin.

They really need some help. Since there’s going to be almost 30 of them by the year 2014.

Just makes me happy that these young people gets to spend a lot of time hanging out and doing what they’re doing than getting lost out in the world today.

If you happen to read my blog and would like to help please feel free to contact me. We would gladly appreciate it.

One of the youth group performance.. Hope you enjoy the video! This is the group were trying to support.

Anyway hope you have a very happy valentines day.