When someone says caffeine. What comes to your mind?. COFFEE?.. But its not only that. The big three’s are


Lets call them the 3C`s

Breakfast just sound so good with coffee especially in a cold morning. Or lets say anytime of the day since coffee doesn’t need to be hot all the time — ding ding ding! Sounds familiar huh? Iced coffee… You must be thinking about it right now. A different picture of coffee – way different from my blog. I admit I’ve been there and yes its sooo good. Its  a common mistake that people doesn’t want to think about  – “THE EFFECTS OF EVERYTHING YOU INTAKE.” We just try to brush it off or simply find something good about it though it outweighs the bad. CAFFEINE is one of them. Oh yes from coffee to chocolate yes they are sooo good but yet soo bad…

So I was reading this book by Earl Mindell’s and I just wanna share the advantages and disadvantages of caffeine.



Since it directly affects the central nervous system, yes it does makes our thoughts clearer and lessens fatigue.

It also stimulates the release of stored sugar from the liver which accounts for the “lift.”. Yess you know that feeling.  When your eyes starts to open from going to sleep and that feeling – that floating feeling. I know you exactly know what I mean.


Since it releases stored sugar, this places heavy stress on the endocrine system.

Heavy drinkers often develop nervousness or become jittery.

Oncologist has found that excessive intake of methylxanthines (active chemical in caffeine) can cause benign breast disease and prostate problems.

Culprit in hypertensive heart disease. -drinking 5 cups of coffee daily  have a 50% greater chance of having heart attacks.

Strong relationship between coffee consumption and cancer of the bladder an the urinary tract.

Interferes with DNA replication.

For pregnant women – causes  birth defects.

Destroy the body’s thiamine.

And caffeine is just not coffee. Its a powerful drug. That’s right! Its a drug.  Chances are you’re just not enjoying your daily dose of caffeine but your addicted to them. And yes its hard to admit that your addicted to something when you know its truly bad for you.

If you know any advantages lets hear it. =)