So i decided to start posting my looks on What is it is a site like any other social networking suff but focuses primarily on fashion which is why I signed up for it. I love fashion and would love to inspire people and be inspired by other people. I love it. YOu should check it out. So here’s my look for today.

 What am I wearing? An oversize shirt that I bought from a thrift store at downtown palm springs – this shirt is awesome for how cheap it is  ($2)i think it  looks really nice. Thats why I love going to thriftstores. You can find treasures except if you dont have lotsa patience like mine. *wink. underneath is a tube top from billabong that I bought from Ross store (dress for less). The name is self explanatory. You can find goodies at this store, this is kinda like a thriftstore coz u can find good deals even under brand name clothings. Not as cheap but who will complain about almost half the real price of it when you buy them at the mall.

My purse? its from my aunt. I love it when she gets tires of her stuff- I get the chance to dig and pick what I want. My shorts is from my cousin which is actually my aunts daughter that I got the purse from. Its a levis jeans turned into DIY shorts. She gave it to me when she got pregnant since she gained weight. Thanks paulin!.

Here she is. My cousin paulin and her baby.

And my shoes fioni. From payless shoesource. One of the saleslady said the color looks really good on me, though my hubby said he likes the other shoes better. Payless shoesource is the first shoes store where I bought my first heels when I got here in America. I loved that store since  then. Cheap shoes that goes along with fashion. The only thingg that I didnt like about this shoes is that it seemed to tight when I first used it, gosh it hurt then couple hours of using them = very loose… but I still love it.