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5 minutes make up tutorial you can use everyday. Good for beginners. Simple and easy. =) I used only 3 palletes and one brush for the eye shadow.. =)


I wont be talking much about my outfit today since my pictures already says it all. I wanted to share to you a very special documentay I’ve just watched. It’s just so overwhelming that I wanted readers to know about it.

Some people would consider it “BORING” but if you know somebody you care about that is struggling with their health you would devote at least 30minutes to watch it and if it doesnt make any sense then you can stop but I guarantee it, youd be overwhelmed with this eyeopener documentary about health.

So the documentary is titled “DYING TO HAVE KNOWN.” It’s a must watched movie.  Linked is on youtube which is FREE. So no cost for you, you  just need time. But if you have netflix then certainly I would advice for you to watch it there for better streaming.

Anyway the documentary is all about finding the cure for cancer and any other chronic degenerative diseases.

Watch it and tell me what you think.


That is just sad. But if we know better then we can stop it.

Any questions on my outfit feel free to ask. =)



dress:  H&M

shoes: charlotte russe

purse: forever21

Yes my haircut cost more than my haircut. Why coz everything was on sale and that’s what I’m into.  Fashion doesn’t need to be expensive to look like one =)

So your wondering how did that happen?? I bought this dress for only $10 on clearance at H&M. I must say its a very very good deal.

And that cute purse for only a dollar. Yup only a dollar at one of the local swap meet. And its forever21 with the tag still on it. It means it wasnt used at all. =) I just love swap meets. Its like going on a treasure hunt. You will never know what you will find..

And then my shoes for $10 for the second pair cause it was on the deal buy 1 and get one for $10 for the next pair. I used the first pair which was the nude color on  my previous blog. 

anyway it cost me only $26 to pull out this outfit cost me less than my new haircut. *wink… Anyway I wore this at my new friends wedding. It was a fun night.

till next time.

A typical look on a warm winter… I live  in the desert so yeah its gets pretty warm sometimes  haha. So i wore this oversized shirt that I just bought at burlington coat factory and I thought hmmmm lemme make my look a little bit warmer. !since its winter though its not really that cold and and its not really hot either so i pared it with a neon colored sock…

 My aunt actually said im too colorful but I thought it was soo cute! I actually bought this socks at an outlet. 6 pairs with different colors I just love em… nice additional to your typical black or white socks…

Shorts: hollister

this is my favorite pair. looks really good on a typical asian like me -short legs haha.. make them look a lot longer.

shirt: pink oversized shirt, bufffalo, (burlington)

blank tank top, hollister, (hollister)shoes: skechers

hardly ever worn.

dont forget to hype it on lookbook =)

Just a post of what I wore the day before Christmas 2011

dress: wishes wishes wishes (burkes outlet)

shoes: pierre dumas (burlington co factory)

My grandmas been bugging me to wear a red dress just cause I’ve been telling her the past few years that I don’t wanna wear red cause it makes me look a lot darker than I already am. And to top it off my hubby went and told my aunts and grandma to tell me to wear red. So I told myself oh well let me try. I went and bought this cute little red dress… So this is how i look like with it.. tell me what you think..Closer look at the dress

see my next post on our church Christmas celebration… till next time…

So like I’ve said I’ve been experimenting on colors lately. I used to like neutral colors only but lately I’ve been inspired to look for some colors. Different colors make me happy. Neutrals are kind of depressing especially when its gloomy outside. I might be weird or normal but the weather affects my mood. I don’t know bout you but  I’ve heard that from other people too. Contrary to my cousin kristine, she loves it when its gloomy out for the reason that she doesn’t even know why. Anyway this is one of my looks on . An outfit I wore a week before Christmas.

TOP:  Kiwi,  given to me by my aunt… I soooo love this tube top its very comfortable. 

SHOES:  Wedge by Charlotte Russe.. I actually bought two of this style but different color.  It’ll be on my next look sometime soon. This wedge is so so comfortable I can wear them all day.It was on Christmas sale buy 1 and the next shoes for $10. What an awesome sale.

SKIRT: Abbey by Avril lavigne, bought it from a shop at the mall called COUTURE. They have a lot of  nice clothes. Super in. I love it!

A picture taken at church with my Aunties and my Ninang Janet… Wearing my outfit…

Don’t forget to check my looks on . Till next time.. Ciao

So I decided to wear shorts that day since its not that cold out and of course a leg warmer just to cover a little bit more of skin. If you dont know me yet, I hardly wear long pants for the reson that I feel uncomfortable wearing them. So if I can I’d wear shorts or skirts instead. I would only wear pants if its necessary or when I’m too cold.

We actually planned to go to my grandma’s house to hang out since we havent been there for a while and since I didnt have anything to do before that, I decided to go on a bike ride. After couple minutes I started feeling warm so I had to put my flip flops on.Just trying to fix my leg warmer. I actually bought this leg warmer for avery very cheap price. 99cents for a pair! wallah! I love good deals. I bought two pairs since its that cheap.

Brown and aquablue. Something bold and neutral! I already tried putting them together and it looks good even this 5years old girl said it! I might wear it next time and if I do I’ll put up a picture of it! =)Guess what? This is where I found them.. =) the famous 99cents store. Where everything is 99cents of course…..till next time….

So i was really excited with my new shoes and its actually red. That’s my first red shoes ever =) I didn’t use to like red on me coz it makes me look darker than I already am or at least that’s what I thought but lately I’ve been trying to experiment on colors and I thought hmmm red doesn’t really look that bad. So I bought a red shoe and its not the color that attracted me but also the detail. Its pretty high of a heel but its platform and the strap is elastic so it is very comfortable comparing to most of my shoes, so I’m happy about that.

closer look at the details

and this made the out fit look glam

So i decided to start posting my looks on What is it is a site like any other social networking suff but focuses primarily on fashion which is why I signed up for it. I love fashion and would love to inspire people and be inspired by other people. I love it. YOu should check it out. So here’s my look for today.

 What am I wearing? An oversize shirt that I bought from a thrift store at downtown palm springs – this shirt is awesome for how cheap it is  ($2)i think it  looks really nice. Thats why I love going to thriftstores. You can find treasures except if you dont have lotsa patience like mine. *wink. underneath is a tube top from billabong that I bought from Ross store (dress for less). The name is self explanatory. You can find goodies at this store, this is kinda like a thriftstore coz u can find good deals even under brand name clothings. Not as cheap but who will complain about almost half the real price of it when you buy them at the mall.

My purse? its from my aunt. I love it when she gets tires of her stuff- I get the chance to dig and pick what I want. My shorts is from my cousin which is actually my aunts daughter that I got the purse from. Its a levis jeans turned into DIY shorts. She gave it to me when she got pregnant since she gained weight. Thanks paulin!.

Here she is. My cousin paulin and her baby.

And my shoes fioni. From payless shoesource. One of the saleslady said the color looks really good on me, though my hubby said he likes the other shoes better. Payless shoesource is the first shoes store where I bought my first heels when I got here in America. I loved that store since  then. Cheap shoes that goes along with fashion. The only thingg that I didnt like about this shoes is that it seemed to tight when I first used it, gosh it hurt then couple hours of using them = very loose… but I still love it.