another look from

shoes: rigby  (westfield mall)

scarf: burkes outlet

I just love this new shoes and its funny coz the site that sells this shoes is called yes they are very yummmm haha… I just thought it kinda looks like frosting on the cake so it just goes with the name *wink

I actually didnt buy it on their site but I looked into it and yes they really have a lotta delicious shoes.. Something to look forward to when I get paid haha. I actually bought this as a deal cause I bought it on their holiday sale which is buy 1 and get the next half off free. But since I already bought 4 shoes that day I made a deal with my cousin to buy the next shoe and just pay half of whatever were goin to pay cause she wanted one of the shoes anyway…  I coudnt say no to it as soon as I saw it!

And the scarf also a good deal its like a 1.99 for one. Yup it was on clearance usually 3.99 each. I bought for of them since it was on really really good deal. I have a green, pink, orange and of course this blue one.. Youll see me wearing them on my next few looks hopefully!….till next time!